No one needs a relationship to have sex

The world of sex and dating has gone through a whole lot of changes in the past few decades. That doesn’t mean it’s obvious to everyone, though. There are far too many people out there with an old fashioned view of the world and how it works. No one can claim to have gone through an entire lifetime without being expected to follow the old predetermined path. That’s the path that you’re taught from a very young age by your teachers and grandparents. Even if it’s not explicitly spelled out for you, it’s always the same.

  • ✓ Be born
  • ✓ Grow up
  • ✓ Graduate
  • ✓ Find a serious boyfriend or girlfriend
  • ✓ Get married
  • ✓ Have children
  • ✓ Grow old
  • ✓ Die

That’s the way it’s been for many people for a very long time, or at least that’s what everyone really wants you to think. It may be the safest path through life, but is it really the best one? A quick look at the history of dating and marriage is a lot more telling than the people who preach this lifestyle would really want to know. For instance, marriage has rarely been done out of love throughout its own history.

It was mostly an alliance

Marriage may predate history, but the first records we have of it make it clear that it was never a declaration of love. Marriage was an arranged alliance between families. It didn’t matter if these families were royalty or common sheep herders. Two families saw the advantage of working together, so they arranged that their children would be married to each other. In fact, there was even an instance of one family marrying its child to the ghost of another child’s family just to keep the alliance intact after the baby was lost.

Go even further back in history and you have marriages being kept in the family. The marriage of cousins to cousins is still practiced in some parts of the world. It’s all done to maintain a family status and to make sure that it never has to be shared with outsiders. It’s even thought that the majority of all marriages throughout human history have been between cousins. It wasn’t until the last 250 years or so that people started to get married for love, or even simple attraction. It just didn’t have to be mutual.

Women as property

While modern marriage may be considered to be between two equals, that’s a very modern take on the whole thing. It was never required that the woman want to get married. Most daughters found themselves paraded around for groups of men to ogle. The hope was that one would want to fuck her badly enough to marry her. It makes sense when you’re living in Victorian England and the church ostracizes you if it catches you having premarital sex. Add to that the notion that women don’t have any sexual urges of their own and you get a living sex doll that gets sold to the highest bidder.

It wasn’t until 50 years ago that the idea of marriage being between two equals starts to become a thing. Just consider how recent that is. We’re talking about the 1970s here. It’s completely possible to have sex with a woman who was born in that decade. That’s how recent the idea of a woman having a say in her marriage happens to be. This whole marriage thing is starting to sound more like a curse than a holy matrimony between two loving and consenting adults.

A better way

With this kind of a history, is it really in anyone’s best interests to get married? It doesn’t seem like it at all. Luckily, there’s a better way. Women don’t have to just sit around until someone gets horny for them anymore. They don’t have to hide their intense desires for sex. They don’t have to save themselves for the man who can offer their fathers the most land or money in exchange for access to their crotches. Women can be just as horny as men and they don’t have to pretend that they’re only having sex to please their husbands.

Women are just as filthy as men and they love to hook up. Each and every girl on the planet has the right to find a fuck friend. She has the right to get her holes stuffed by any hot and sexy dude that crosses her path. She has a right to simply choose not to get married to anyone. She can spend her entire life being a blissful single who can get action whenever she wants it. It’s her orgasm and she can have it any way that she wants and no one can force her to save it for marriage.

Hooking up is the way out

It’s a good thing for all modern women that the hook up culture has really taken off. It allows them a way to have all of the fun they want and exercise all of the control they desire over their own bodies. Women have a right to hook up, just like any man out there. If you think about it, having casual sex is really just the practice of honoring female rights. That’s why it’s never a bad thing when you find a place where horny women get together to have all of the sex for fun that they want to have.

Sites like Fuck Friend only exist because there are women to use them. No one would go to a hook up site if there was no one to hook up with. The supply is there, so the demand exists. It’s really that simple. All it takes is a few seconds to see just how many women are out there looking for a friend to have sex with. It makes sense, too. The relationship only has to go as far as they want. No one is obligated to do a single thing beside bang the other person.

All women love to hook up

If you’re thinking that only a certain kind of women will hook up, then you’re very wrong. You’re probably thinking about a slutty kind of girl who no respectable man would ever be seen with. None of that is true. All women enjoy sex. All women want to hook up. There are teen girls who just want to have fun with their bodies while they learn what feels good and what doesn’t. There are older women who don’t see the need to get married. They have careers and houses and just want to enjoy life. There are even married women who have learned that they can’t get everything they want from one man for the rest of their lives. They’ve decided to step out and enjoy the life that they’ve been missing out on for the past 20 years. They can be judged for their actions, but wouldn’t anyone do the same thing? They need something that they don’t have and they’ve come here to find it. There’s nothing wrong with being the one to give it to her, especially given the fact that she’s been duped into this false sense of duty that it marriage.

Hook up with as many women as you want

The thing about a hook up site is that it’s pretty much a community of people who sleep with each other. It’s filled with men and women who have seen through all of the unnecessary baggage that serious relationships and marriage bring with them. They know that sex is about having fun and they want to have as much of it as possible. There’s no jealousy and never any drama. You simply find the person you want to hook up with, have sex, then move on to the next person. It’s how sex should work.

There are women looking for every kind of sex that anyone can possibly imagine. They’re going after what feels good, so they know what they like. They’re not going to be ashamed of asking a man to tie them up and spank them. They’re not going to be too shy to order a man to his knees and force him to lick their toes. There’s no way to take things too far here. If it feels good, then you’re going to be find someone who wants to do it with you.

Just get banging

You don’t have to spend time thinking about how ridiculous marriage happens to be. You don’t have to worry about hooking up being the best way for women to practice their own rights and image of self. All you really have to be is horny to find a free fuck buddy. The rest will take care of itself. Sign up for a fuck friend site and start having all of the casual sex that you want. There’s no reason not there. There are women who want to have sex with you and you want to have sex with them. Just do it and you’ll never have to worry about the reasons why.

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