I'm a: Woman
Searching for a: Man
My Age is: 27
My BodyType is: Busty
My Ethnicity is: Middleeastern
My Relationship Status is: Single
I Work as: Registered Nurse
I am 5'1", brunette, busty, sexy and baby-faced young girl who likes sex very much! I am unshaven as I am the type that loves a natural body the way nature intended. I recently dumped my boyfriend coz his dick could barely satisfy my sexual needs! It was below average in size, is barely hard when erect and he couldn't last. Whenever he cums thats it no more 2nd rounds and it will take days before he gets hard again :( absolutely pathetic. I WANT A MAN WHO CAN BE STRONG FOR ME. Rock hard, cums multiple times, and can last for several hours! Are you that man? Contact me so we can get to more better!
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